DCC Volunteer – Media Design Specialist

Do you enjoy designing print materials or web pages?
Do you have skills with page layout software or web page design?
Do you care about DCC’s work and want to find a way to contribute?

This job is for you!

Time Required: 6-8 hours, usually during one week every other month

Skills Required: Knowledge of In Design or similar page layout program (for print materials) OR knowledge of WordPress or HTML (for web materials). Knowledge of fundamentals of media layout and design.


  • Layout DCC News (newsletter) and prepare for sending to printer once every other month (usually February, April, June, August, October, and December).
  • Communicate with Board newsletter lead and make sure final proofread is completed.
  • Deliver to printer electronically.
  • Periodically, complete layout for posters or handouts for events or other informational needs.


  • Create new pages for DCC website as needed for particular issues or actions (using text provided by others).
  • Review website periodically to make sure links are active and material is current.
  • Refresh design with new photos or other media.
  • Expand capability and functionality of site, introduce new features, etc. in consultation with Board of Directors website lead.

Supervisor: Board newsletter lead or website lead, depending on particular job.

Contact: Call Brian at 683-0503 or e-mail mail@denalicitizens.org.