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DCC submits comments on Bruskasna Dam Preliminary Permit Application

March 1, 2015

BruskasnaOn February 13th, Denali Citizens Council submitted comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on an application for a Preliminary Permit to construct a hyrdroelectric project on Bruskasna Creek, a tributary of the Nenana River upstream from the first bridge across the Nenana north of Cantwell.  This area is popular with area boaters and fishermen.

The Preliminary Permit would authorize a variety of studies on economic, environmental and physical impacts of this proposed project. Studies are expected to take up to three years.

To read DCC’s comments on the Preliminary Permit application, click on the link below. In addition, DCC filed a “Motion to Intervene” to establish our organization’s standing over the course of the project. You may read the motion by clicking the link.

DCC Bruskasna Creek Comments P-14652

DCC Bruskasna Creek Motion to Intervene P-14652


DCC submits comments on FERC Preliminary Permit for Jack River Dam

January 31, 2015

Click on the image for a larger version

On Friday, January 30th, 2015, DCC submitted comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on a request for a Preliminary Permit for a 4.2 Megawatt hydroelectric project on the Jack River, near Cantwell, Alaska, in the southern part of the Denali Borough.  The site is approximately 12 miles from the closest boundary of Denali National Park, and three miles south of the Denali Highway. The dam is proposed to be 250 high, and the reservoir, according to maps included in the permit, would be five miles long, stretching up into the Talkeetna Mountains.

The FERC Preliminary Permit is not a permit to build, but to study the concept. Preliminary FERC permits are usually granted, Read more


DCC sends comments to Alaska Board of Game for January Work Session, where it will consider whether to move to a 3 year meeting cycle

December 29, 2014

Although dubbed a Work Session and not open for oral public testimony, this one-day meeting in Juneau will address important topics, including whether the Board will move away from a two year cycle of regional meetings to a three year cycle. Written comments were due on December 26th, and DCC submitted a short comment letter. A change to one regional meeting every three years has been touted as a way to save time and money, but our comments to the Board indicated skepticism on how well the Board would be able to do its business under this new scenario. The next full Board of Game meeting on strictly Interior issues (Region III) will not be until Spring 2016. A cycle change would delay that meeting further.

Recently-elected Governor Bill Walker has ordered temporary appointments to ADF&G Commissioner and Director of the Division of Wildlife Conservation while he searches for permanent replacements. We’re hoping that Walker’s Board of Game appointments will reflect a more diverse cross-section of Alaska citizens and that the Board’s work will reflect a commitment to compromise and collaboration beyond what occurred under the former governor. Our comments also voiced that hope.

To look at the agenda for the meeting and our comments to the Board of Game members, click the links below.

Comments to Alaska Board of Game January Work Session


DCC comments on NPS Wildlife Regulations express support

December 14, 2014

A federal regulation that would ban certain predator-hunting practices in the National Preserves just completed a 90 day comment period. We recently heard that more than 45,000 comments and 28,000 petition signatures were submitted, largely in support. Although there may be some minor changes, the regulation is expected to be finalized early in 2015. DCC signed on with several conservation organizations to a letter from Trustees for Alaska, an environmental law firm located in Anchorage, Alaska. We submitted a separate letter endorsing the comments and expressing our hope for an improved climate betwee NPS and the State of Alaska, moving forward. Read the detailed and interesting Trustees letter at the link below, followed by our submission.
NPS Draft Wildlife REgulation-Trustees for Alaska comments-Dec 3,2014
Denali Citizens Council comments on RIN 1024 AE21-Dec 3, 2014


DCC submits comments on ASAP pipeline Supplemental EIS

October 14, 2014

at-the-meeting2During a recent scoping period for a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on the Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline (ASAP), we submitted comments to the Army Corps of Engineers, the agency developing the SEIS.  The Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement marks another step in a long and frustratingly complex process to permit a pipeline from Prudhoe Bay, past Fairbanks, and down the Parks Highway east of Denali National Park to Southcentral Alaska.  The Supplemental EIS discusses some changes in ASAP infrastructure and route, but persists with a bypass route east of the national park, something quite unpopular with local residents.

Touted as a way to bring the benefits of Alaska natural gas to hungry Anchorage markets, the ASAP line is likely to be eclipsed by a much larger project, the Alaska LNG Project, in a few years.  The LNG promoters, including three oil companies and the State of Alaska, have brought their project plans to local residents through a series of meetings, but at this point ASAP appears to be taking the lead in permitting and shovel work.

Our comments were detailed, and stressed the lack of clarity in the project and its failure to consider a full range of alternatives.  Read our comments by clicking the link below.

DCC ASAP SEIS Comments 10.14.14


Make your voice heard – ASAP Gas pipeline comments due October 14, 2014

October 11, 2014


Map from ASAP EIS shows route of ASAP pipeline between Healy and Carlo Creek. Click on map for larger version.

On August 1, 2014 the US Army Corps of Engineers announced a public comment period for the Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline Project (ASAP). Comments are due by October 14, 2014.  Although an initial Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was approved in October of 2012, this scoping period will help to develop a Supplemental EIS to address changes in the pipeline right-of-way, and facilities on the North Slope to prepare gas for transport in the pipeline.  Click here for more information on the Supplemental EIS.

DCC submitted extensive comments on the initial EIS, and will be submitting detailed comments during this scoping period as well.  Interested parties are encouraged to submit comments ensure that the concerns of local residents are addressed.

The route of this line has changed several times, and is proposed to travel through residential areas, and valued natural areas.  Check the maps available online for current projected locations of the line in relation to your property and places where you work and recreate.  Detailed maps can be viewed under the headings of Healy and Cantwell.

Read more


DCC files administrative appeal of Plan of Operations approval for Healy Creek Gas Exploration project

September 25, 2014

Yesterday, the Denali Citizens Council filed an administrative appeal of the Division of Oil and Gas approval of the Healy Creek Plan of Operations. Although we do not oppose gas exploration east of the Nenana River, we are working to ensure that the process of approval is clear, accurate, comprehensive and defensible.

When the State of Alaska approved the Healy Creek Gas Exploration project’s plan of operations, it accepted the argument that the project did not have to conduct a monitoring plan. Our appeal rests on the criteria for exempting the project from a monitoring plan.

Please read our appeal contents at the link below.

DCC Administrative Appeal Healy Creek


DCC urges NPS to retain “no formal trails in wilderness” policy – Read more in our comments on Eielson-area trails

September 20, 2014


Map from NPS Scoping Document

One of the growing pains associated with increased visitation at Denali is the creation of social trails.

As the result of NPS-sanctioned guided hikes, recommendations in various privately-written guides, and information from shuttle bus drivers and park employees at the Wilderness Access Center, Denali’s best hikes are no secret, and social trails have developed, not only near visitor centers and developed areas, but all along the park road.

When ANILCA (Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act) declared the core 2 million acre park as Wilderness in 1980, NPS committed to retaining these lands in an untrammeled condition outside development zones.  In the General Management Plan, this commitment was codified as a “no formal trails in wilderness backcountry” policy. Nevertheless, as the pressures of access increased, Read more


NPS releases Regulation and EA to amend Wildlife Harvest regulations in the Preserves

September 7, 2014

On September 4, 2014, the National Park Service released a long-awaited regulation prohibiting certain methods of hunting on National Park Preserve Lands.  This regulation is a response to recent changes in Alaska Department of Fish and Game Regulations that would allow certain hunting practices such as flashlighting black bear sows and cubs in their dens, shooting grizzly bears over bait, and extending the season for hunting wolves and coyotes.  Read the regulation at this link:!documentDetail;D=NPS-2014-0004-0001

At the same time, NPS released an Environmental Assessment (EA) of this decision.  The EA describes the circumstances under which this regulation was developed and gives further information on the affected parks. View the EA at this link:

DCC supports this effort to manage wildlife consistent with legislative direction and wound wildlife management policies. We’ll have more information on any hearings scheduled or other talking points throughout the comment period.


Regulation information  and comments

Information: contact Andee Sears at the NPS Regional Office,  644-3417
or email

Regulation comments:  submit online at the government website!documentDetail;D=NPS-2014-0004-0001

EA information and comments

EA information: Write or call EA authors
Brooke Merrell,  907-644-3397
Bud Rice, 907-644-3530

EA comments: Comments can be made through the National Park Planning website at


State of Alaska approves Healy Creek CBM exploration Plan of Operations

September 7, 2014

On September 5, 2014, the State of Alaska approved a revised Plan of Operations for the Usibelli Healy Creek Coalbed Methane exploration well project, to be conducted on a 150-150 drill pad near the junction of Healy and Cripple Creeks. Drilling activities are slated to be conducted this fall at the site.

DCC did not oppose this project, however we made extensive comments on the Plan of Operations for the project, a draft of which appeared on July 18th, 2014. There were numerous inaccuracies in the draft plan, along with a lack of clarity regarding Read more


DCC asks for important corrections and clarifications in Gas Exploration Plan

August 18, 2014

In 2011, Usibelli Coal Mine, Inc. received a license to explore for gas on more than 200,000 acres, completely surrounding the town of Healy and local subdivisions. Although we at DCC questioned the size and some of the stipulations of the license, we did not outright oppose gas exploration and possible development in the Denali Borough.

More specifically, we asked that such activities be limited to lands east of the Nenana River.  The final license, however, included all lands approved in the preliminary Best Interest Finding for the project.  By law, Usibelli was required to submit Plans of Operation for any exploration activities under the license, and on July 19th, the Plan of Operations for Usibelli’s first exploration well, the Healy Creek Exploration Well, located on lands east of the Nenana, were released and a 30 day comment period ensued.

DCC just submitted substantive comments with suggestions for important corrections and additions to the plan.  We do not oppose gas development on these lands, however remembering that they are state lands, owned by all citizens, we want to be sure that the gas exploration activities there are conducted with the closest adherence to law and stipulations of  the Gas Exploration License.

Our comments focused upon correcting inaccuracies, suggesting more stringent mitigation and monitoring, and ensuring clarity regarding public access to nearby lands. Read them below.

DCC Healy Creek Exploration Project Plan of Operations Comments


DCC opposes borehole drilling in Yanert Valley

August 14, 2014

at-the-meeting2As our readers know, DCC has been actively concerned about proposals for gas line development in the
Denali Borough from two different projects, the Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline Project and the Alaska Liquid Natural Gas Project.  Recently the ASAP project, sponsored by the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation, proposed to drill bore holes in the Yanert Valley, to test the soil substrate for load bearing and gravel acquisition properties. The area to be tested would be on the route of the pipeline, along the Alaska Intertie. You may read our comments below.

AGDC Permit Comments


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