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DCC joins others in asking for Emergency Wolf Hunting Closure

May 9, 2015

wolfAfter the loss of three individuals, one a pregnant female, to the East Fork pack, which last year denned very close to the northern boundary of the park, DCC joined a number of local and regional voices in requesting an Emergency Closure to wolf hunting of state lands adjacent to the northeast corner of Denali National Park, for the rest of the season, which ends May 31st.  Although time is ticking along and we’ve heard nothing yet from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, we are watching carefully for word.


Dan Bross of KUAC radio has done an excellent series of broadcasts on this topic. See his latest one at



Wolf Monitoring report details three human-caused deaths this spring

May 6, 2015

Denali wolves remained highly vulnerable this spring, with two dens east of the Savage River and one pack, East Fork,  subject to attrition through both hunting and trapping. A report detailing the situation of Denali wolves was made available this week. Read it below.

Denali Wolf Monitoring 2015 – 5-5-2015 Update


DCC signs Emergency Petition to Protect Denali Wolves

March 4, 2015

2012-Emergency-Wolf-Buffer-The eight-member DCC Board voted unanimously at its February 2nd teleconference to support an Emergency Petition to establish a “no wolf take” area on state lands adjacent to Denali National Park, similar to one brought to the Alaska Board of Game in 2010 and in petitions filed over the past few years by the Alaska Wildlife Alliance, NPCA, and several individuals.   NPS fall 2014 wolf counts show no rebound from low numbers (approximately 50 wolves) in the spring, a serious finding.  Low numbers of wolves throughout the state Game Management Unit 20C, which includes most of Denali wolf habitat and state lands stretching north, are a recognized situation. No doubt there are a number of influences upon low numbers, among them weather and prey availability.  However, the situation is now severe enough for the Board of Game to consider hunting and trapping closures, allowing time for the wolf population to recover to sustainable numbers in this area.

The petition urges the Board of Game to look beyond overall, GMU-wide wolf population health and focus in on this specific area. Wolves tend to use the eastern Stampede lands preferentially in winter because of prey and habitat characteristics. Two active dens in the eastern areas of the national park are within a day’s walk of state lands where predator hunting and trapping are legal. The unlimited trapping and the 10 wolf hunting bag limit on these state lands make it possible for an entire pack to be taken. Even the loss of one breeder can be quite damaging to pack integrity, according to a recent analysis by NPS.

Read a copy of the Emergency Petition sent to the Board of Game at the following link;
2015 Emergency PetitionFINAL.

Although the Board of Game has been historically unresponsive to calls for closures, we are hoping for a new spirit of compromise as we support this Emergency Petition at the BoG March 2015 meeting in Anchorage. We invite you to sign DCC’s informal petition, in which we hope to gather the names of Alaskans who support this closure. Visit the link below or on the front page of our website.



Make your voice heard – ASAP Gas pipeline comments due October 14, 2014

October 11, 2014


Map from ASAP EIS shows route of ASAP pipeline between Healy and Carlo Creek. Click on map for larger version.

On August 1, 2014 the US Army Corps of Engineers announced a public comment period for the Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline Project (ASAP). Comments are due by October 14, 2014.  Although an initial Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was approved in October of 2012, this scoping period will help to develop a Supplemental EIS to address changes in the pipeline right-of-way, and facilities on the North Slope to prepare gas for transport in the pipeline.  Click here for more information on the Supplemental EIS.

DCC submitted extensive comments on the initial EIS, and will be submitting detailed comments during this scoping period as well.  Interested parties are encouraged to submit comments ensure that the concerns of local residents are addressed.

The route of this line has changed several times, and is proposed to travel through residential areas, and valued natural areas.  Check the maps available online for current projected locations of the line in relation to your property and places where you work and recreate.  Detailed maps can be viewed under the headings of Healy and Cantwell.

Read more


NPS releases Regulation and EA to amend Wildlife Harvest regulations in the Preserves

September 7, 2014

On September 4, 2014, the National Park Service released a long-awaited regulation prohibiting certain methods of hunting on National Park Preserve Lands.  This regulation is a response to recent changes in Alaska Department of Fish and Game Regulations that would allow certain hunting practices such as flashlighting black bear sows and cubs in their dens, shooting grizzly bears over bait, and extending the season for hunting wolves and coyotes.  Read the regulation at this link:!documentDetail;D=NPS-2014-0004-0001

At the same time, NPS released an Environmental Assessment (EA) of this decision.  The EA describes the circumstances under which this regulation was developed and gives further information on the affected parks. View the EA at this link:

DCC supports this effort to manage wildlife consistent with legislative direction and wound wildlife management policies. We’ll have more information on any hearings scheduled or other talking points throughout the comment period.


Regulation information  and comments

Information: contact Andee Sears at the NPS Regional Office,  644-3417
or email

Regulation comments:  submit online at the government website!documentDetail;D=NPS-2014-0004-0001

EA information and comments

EA information: Write or call EA authors
Brooke Merrell,  907-644-3397
Bud Rice, 907-644-3530

EA comments: Comments can be made through the National Park Planning website at


An LNG Pipline Through Your Backyard?

May 12, 2014

flyerLNGpipelineMKLVILLAGEIs the new LNG pipeline going to go right through your backyard? Or is it going to disrupt travel on the highway while construction is done? Or will it traverse your favorite winter trail? Will it go through Denali National Park? Where in fact, will it go? How will it affect wildlife? Are there plans for studies to ensure the caribou migrations won’t be disrupted? How big will the pipeline and project be? Will it encourage gas development and fracking in the Denali Borough? In my backyard? Will the Borough get cheap LNG, or is all this gas destined for the overseas market? What happens if there is a leak in the pipeline?

These are all questions that we don’t have complete answers to. Fortunately, we just learned about an informational meeting to which the community is invited to attend. Thursday, May 15 from 7-9PM, the Alaska Liquified Natural Gas Project will be sharing information, listening to your comments and answering questions you might have at the McKinley Park Community Hall. Though it is last minute, we will try to be there. How about you? To download a PDF of the flier, click on the following link: flyerMKLVILLAGE.


DCC Annual Meeting Sunday May 18

April 30, 2014

DCC Annual Meeting PosterCome one, come all! The DCC Annual Membership Meeting and Dessert Social will be happening at the McKinley Community Center on Sunday May 18, 2014. Start off going for a bird walk with board member Nan Eagleson at 6PM if you choose. The social will get started at 7PM to dive into dessert and then dive in and discuss what issues DCC is currently invested in. See you there!

Click here to view a PDF of the DCC Annual Meeting Poster. Please share with friends. All are welcome.


NPS to hold Hearings this Week on important widlife regulations

March 10, 2014

Hearings will be held on Denali-specific wildlife management regulations at the Murie Science and Learning Center, this coming Thursday, March 13th, from 6:30 until 8:00 PM.

These temporary regulations will prohibit certain hunting practices in Denali’s Preserve lands, areas in the north and southwest regions of the park where hunting is allowed.  Recently the state of Alaska, which sets hunting regulations for Preserves, has instituted practices that violate NPS policies.  These practices are meant to target predators, and include spotlighting black bear sows and cubs in their den for purposes of killing them, taking brown bears at bait stations, and extending the wolf hunting seasons.

For details regarding these state-sponsored practices and the federal regulations being proposed to prevent them, see the NPS Press Release at the following link – AKRO_Wildlife_restrictions_press release_final (1).

It is extremely important that as many members of the public as possible testify in support of NPS on these regulations, to demonstrate that Alaska citizens support NPS policies of managing for diverse wildlife populations.

Please read the press release and supporting materials at the link above, then attend the hearing at the Murie Science and Learning Center this Thursday!


DCC, DEC and Polar Educators Int’l to screen “Chasing Ice” at DEC.

August 3, 2013

Chasing Ice PosterIn partnership with Denali Education Center and Polar Educators International, Denali Citizens Council will be continuing their Environmental Film Series with a screening of the film “Chasing Ice”, Thursday September 5th beginning 7pm at the Charles Sheldon Center.

Chasing Ice is the story of one man’s mission to change the tide of history by gathering undeniable evidence of climate change.  Using time-lapse cameras, his videos compress years into seconds and capture ancient mountains of ice in motion as they disappear at a breathtaking rate.

For more information visit:  http//



Annual Meeting and Dessert Social

May 4, 2013

dcc member meeting poster v2

Denali Citizens Council (DCC) will be hosting its annual meeting and dessert social, Thursday, May 23rd.  We are fortunate yet again to use the lovely Charles Sheldon Center at the campus of the Denali Education Center as our venue.  Join us early for a special bird walk with naturalist and board member Nan Eagleson from 6 pm-7 pm.  The main event will kick off at 7 pm and last until around 9 pm.  We will recap the important issues DCC has tracked this past year while looking forward to the issues ahead as well as host a special guest speaker, new superintendent of Denali National Park and Preserve, Don Striker.

There will be a musical performance by board member JJ Neville and an array of delectable desserts to entice your palate. The board members of DCC look forward to seeing and visiting with you.  Bring a friend; everyone is welcome to this gathering and celebration.

*Members be sure to vote for open board member seats, either online at DCC’s homepage or bring the previously mailed out ballots with you to the festivities.


AK DOT Contractor Proposes Water Withdrawals from Panguingue Creek

April 19, 2013

Great Northwest, Inc., — the contractor for a Parks Highway rehabilitation project for miles 252-263 — has proposed withdrawing up to 150,000 gallons of water per day from Panguingue Creek, Little Panguingue Creek, and a stream further north this summer. The water would be used for dust control, compaction, and seeding, with the water for seeding potentially continuing into the early summer of 2014. Links to the application and maps are below. Comments are due by April 30.

Water Use Permit ApplicationWater Use Permit Topo Map 1
Water Use Permit Topo Map 2


NEON Representatives to Discuss Land Lease & Easement on Stampede

January 29, 2013

NEON site mapRepresentatives for the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) will be at the Panguingue Fire Hall on Tuesday, February 5, from 6:30-8:00pm to discuss their application to Alaska Department of Natural Resources for an easement and a land lease off of the Stampede Road west of the Panguingue Creek Subdivision. NEON will use the easement and lease to develop a temporary ecological monitoring station. Linked below are the meeting announcement and public notice on the lease and easement. Be sure to keep up with the Friends of Stampede which is following this project closely.

NEON Feb 2013 Meeting Announcement

NEON Lease & Easement Public Notice


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