Denali Vehicle Management Plan

The Record of Decision for the Final Denali Park Road Vehicle Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement was released on October 5, 2012, affirming the actions in the Final plan which NPS released on June 29, 2012. NPS selected a new, hybrid alternative rather than one of the alternatives presented in the draft. You can access and read the entire Final Vehicle Management Plan and EIS at:

You can read the NPS press release on the decision and the Record of Decision itself on the DCC website at this link.

The draft plan no longer is available on this website, although the original alternatives are described in the final version of the plan.

DCC was disappointed with the final plan, and provided comments that we thought would be useful to consider in the Record of Decision. You can read these comments here:

For history and previous comments on the plan, please read on below.

DCC’s Comments and Alternative

DCC submitted Final Comments on the Draft Plan on Sunday October 30, 2011.  The comments included a suggested new alternative and a request for a revised draft. Read the comments below:


DCC and Sierra Club cooperate on VMP comments
The September edition of Sierra Borealis contains an article on the Draft VMP, attached below (on page 3 of the newsletter). The article is a collaborative effort between Sierra Club and DCC.  To read the article, click the link below.

September 2011 Sierra Club newsletter – VMP article is on page 3.

DCC Meetings and Comments on the Vehicle Management Plan

On October 15th, we completed another round of talking points with details on our most important concerns, that the VMP fails to adequately protect the Transit Service and Transit Affordability, and that the Action Alternatives are both too complex, expensive and problematic to accept whole cloth. We additionally express our support for certain plan strategies that protect the vulnerable west end of the park road. Please read our latest talking points at the following link. More detailed comments and analysis will be published closer to the comment deadline, but we hope to target broader public attention on some of these issues.

On September 14th, we held a constituent meeting at Denali and received a great many questions and concerns about the Draft Denali Vehicle Management Plan.  At the same time, we posted a second Reaction Paper.  Click below to read this paper and learn our latest concerns.

DCC created an initial response to the Vehicle Management Plan that we used to focus our questions, obtain more information, bounce ideas around, and elicit opinions from our members and others.


Background Information

The Denali Park Road Capacity Study provided the scientific basis for the actions proposed in the Vehicle Management Plan. NPS has some of the information from the study posted on the Denali website.

Particularly important of this information is the study by the University of Vermont which provides much of the data for determining indicators and setting standards in the Vehicle Management Plan.

Prior to the development of alternatives, NPS released a workbook to give the public an opportunity for early involvement in shaping the plan. Many of the ideas in the workbook are in the draft alternatives, but many dropped out. You can read DCC’s prior comments on the workbook too.

Want to delve deep? Check out the vehicle management strategy described in the 1986 General Management Plan, the modifications in the 1997 Entrance Area and Road Corridor DCP, and the justification for the 2000 regulation that firmly instituted the 10,512 vehicle limit.