Healy Basin Gas Exploration License

Area included in Healy Basin Gas Exploration License

The State of Alaska has issued a license that permits exploration for natural gas in the Healy Basin.  If significant quantities of of natural gas are found, the licensee, Usibelli Corporation, could convert the license to a lease and begin gas development in the 208,630 acre license area that includes Healy, Ferry, and areas adjacent to Denali National Park including the eastern Wolf Townships.  Gas development across the country has had negative impacts including contamination of drinking water wells, air pollution, reduced wildlife populations, and sprawling industrial development in previously wild settings.

STATUS: DCC filed suit against the State of Alaska in December, 2010 because of the many legal inadequacies in the Final Best Interest Finding for this exploration license. After 3 years in court, the Alaska Supreme Court ruled against DCC’s arguments on February 14, 2014.  You can read the decision and the documents from the case by clicking on Healy Gas Historical Documents & Background. The Alaska Supreme Court heard the appeal on September 18, 2013, and you can watch the video of the proceedings by clicking here.

DCC has been involved with proposed gas development in the Denali area since the potential license was introduced in 2003.  Throughout the State’s Best Interest Finding (BIF) process which began with a Preliminary BIF in 2005 and a Final Finding in 2010, the DCC has been vigilant with community education and public involvement.

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