Denali Citizens Council collaborates with many organizations which have similar interests or which support conservation efforts in Alaska. These groups are exceptional and worthy of learning about and supporting!

Friends of Stampede – Formed in 2010 to advocate for the establishment of a state recreation area and to generate volunteer and financial support for caring for the Stampede area, this group has swiftly moved into a leadership role in all issues related to the Wolf Townships.

Alaska Conservation Foundation – ACF raises funds to support conservation work in Alaska. DCC is thankful for their ongoing support, without which we would be much less effective.

Northern Alaska Environmental Center – NAEC is a regional conservation organization based in Fairbanks with a focus on Interior and Arctic Alaska, with whom we have an ongoing collaboration.

Alaska Center for the Environment – ACE is a regional conservation organization based in Anchorage with a focus on issues south of the Alaska Range and broad issues such as climate change. In the past our interests have overlapped on South Denali issues.

National Parks Conservation Association, Alaska Regional Office – NPCA is a national conservation organization which advocates for protection of national parks throughout the U.S. NPCA has a strong presence in Alaska where approximately half of all national park lands are located.

Wilderness Society, Alaska Regional Office – The Wilderness Society seeks to protect wilderness areas on public lands throughout the U.S. It has its roots with the Murie family in Alaska, and is well-known for its advocacy for Arctic wilderness. It has also been heavily involved in protecting wilderness values at Denali.

Alaska Youth for Environmental Action – AYEA is a program of the Alaska Center for the Environment that empowers and trains young environmental leaders to take effective action. For the past several years DCC has sponsored local high school students to attend the annual AYEA Civics and Conservation Summit in Juneau.

Alaska Wildlife Alliance – Founded in 1978, the Alaska Wildlife Alliance is a non-profit organization committed to the conservation and protection of Alaska’s wildlife.  We promote the integrity, beauty, and stability of Alaska’s ecosystems, support true subsistence hunting, and recognize the intrinsic value of wildlife.  The AWA works to achieve and maintain balanced ecosystems in Alaska managed with the use of sound science to preserve wildlife for present and future generations. AWA was founded by Alaskans and depends on the grassroots support and activism of its members.