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DCC’s request for reconsideration of Healy Gas Final Finding granted

We were pleased when Commissioner Tom Irwin of the Department of Natural Resources granted our request for reconsideration of the Healy Basin Gas Exploration Final Finding on July 28, 2010. We were one of 7 commenters whose concerns warranted reconsideration. To see the letter from the Commissioner granting our request, click here.

In our request we urged the Commissioner to provide adequate public process, strengthen mitigations and remove sensitive lands from the license area.  The Commissioner, after reconsideration, may decline to make any of the changes suggested, but we are hopeful that ours and others’ suggestions will be used to develop a fairer, safer and more balanced finding.  The timeline for the decision is indefinite, but action is likely to occur fairly soon. Stay tuned for more alerts.

To see an article from the Daily News Miner with more details, click here.


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