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Meet your representatives in Healy tonight-Sept 25

Senator Joe Thomas and Representative David Guttenberg to meet with constituents in Healy tonight ! Time: 7 -9 PM Place: Tri-Valley Community Center

Tonight will be a great opportunity for local DCC members to show up and share our issues and concerns with state representatives. Please make time to attend this meeting and raise your voice.
Two specific concerns to share with our representatives are:

1. Healy Gas Development Final Finding under Reconsideration
Because of seven requests from local and regional constituents, this Finding is under reconsideration by the Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources, Tom Irwin. Be sure our representatives understand our concerns and help us to achieve a better Finding. 1) The Final Finding does not ensure adequate residential setbacks, 2) The Final Finding does not adequately protect water quality (including disclosure of the impacts of hydraulic fracturing), 3) The Final Finding does not exclude sensitive lands from the license area. Lands that were retained by the state for their value as wildlife habitat and for public recreation west of Healy should be excluded from the Final Finding. The development of gas resources has resulted in a number of impacts and problems in the lower 48. We want to avoid such impacts in the Healy area. Encourage our representatives to push for a better finding.
To read more on this issue, click here.

2.  Stampede State Recreation Area We continue to favor the establishment of a State Recreation Area on lands west of Healy currently managed under the Division of Mining, Land and Water. To accomplish this, a new bill would need to be introduced in the next legislative session. Encourage your representatives to introduce and support such legislation, and to include 8 Mile Lake, the area most in need of more proactive management, within the proposed SRA. Read more here.


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