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Friends of Stampede group to meet this Saturday October 30

Join the discussion, Saturday October 30, 3 PM
Panguginue Creek Fire Hall near Healy, Alaska

A beautiful, accessible place for locals, Alaskans, and tourists to enjoy or just more trashed Alaskan public land? That is the choice we have for the future of the Stampede area, known also as the Wolf Townships, West of Healy. This scenic and ecologically-rich area has become increasingly important for outdoor recreation over the past two decades, but as general state land managed by the Division of Mining, Land, and Water, the level of management has not kept up, resulting in problems with unsustainable social trails, litter, human waste, and safety among others.

But its future could be different – a real asset for the local community that benefits all Alaskans looking for accessible places to recreate, and who have relatively few options along the Parks Highway. There is a role for a citizens group to advocate for better management to address problems and provide solutions.

Come to the formative meeting of the Friends of Stampede….
This Saturday, October 30th, 3 PM, Panguingue Creek Fire Hall
At the meeting we’ll refine, expand, or change our objectives, and get organized for action. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us a, or call Hannah Ragland at 683-0333.

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