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Healy Gas Exploration Final Finding affirmed with no changes

DNR Commissioner Tom Irwin rebuffs requests for reconsideration of Final Finding
Best Interests of local citizens jeopardized in a number of ways, despite assurances that they would be “of critical importance”
Sensitive lands remain vulnerable to surface impacts of gas drilling

On November 9, 2010 seven individuals and/or organizations who requested reconsideration of the Final Best Interest Finding on Healy Gas Exploration received letters from Commissioner of DNR Tom Irwin telling them that he had rejected all of their remedies to improve the Finding.

In our request DCC had urged the Commissioner to provide adequate public process, strengthen setbacks and mitigations and remove sensitive lands from the license area.  The license area is 208,000 acres, completely surrounding the town of Healy and incorporating virtually all private and municipal land holdings in the area. To learn more about this lengthy and tortuous process, visit

Please express your concern about this decision by signing our petition at the link below:

Our resolve remains clear – to secure a sustainable future for the Denali region- one that preserves sensitive lands, assures residential quality of life, and allows responsible resource development. A group of us has met to consider our options. If you would like to join this group, please email


One thought on “Healy Gas Exploration Final Finding affirmed with no changes

  • Bud Rice

    Hello Nancy:

    The gas BIF is too big an issue for DCC to take on alone. You need trustees for Alaska or Earth Justice to help with a legal battle or threat.

    I agree with DCCs comments nearly entirely. I definitely think the BIF should be limited in a phase one to areas east of the nenana River. Only after a development there can demonstrate to area residents that the gas developments can be done in a way not to destroy the local way of life and recreational values should it be allowed in other areas of the basin gas lease area. try to convince Usibelli to limit his request to those area at first to endender local support. Otherwise, they and the State need to be threated with a protracted legal battle. Hopefully they would find it in their best intereste to limit the lease area before proceeding.

    I would drop comments about gas system workers bringing in meth and other drugs to the community. This is a side issue, and diminishes the other excellent DCC comments about the gas lease BIF by association.

    Finally, Irwin is leaving, so hopefully we will get a more civic-minded ADNR Commissioner.

    Good Luck,

    Bud Rice

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