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DCC establishes Gas Legal Fund

One month ago, we announced that the Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources, Tom Irwin, had rejected our significant and practical suggestions to improve the Healy Gas Exploration Final Best Interest Finding by reducing the size of the license area and strengthening key mitigations.

The DCC Board met on November 5th and voted overwhelmingly in favor of appealing the Commissioner’s decision before the Alaska Superior Court. We filed the appeal on December 8, 2010. We have posted the appeal and other information detailing the history of this process, which began in 2005, on our website at

Bringing an appeal at this point will focus attention on the details of the Best Interest Finding. It will present our case that DNR did not provide adequate public process or adequate consideration of conflicts between gas exploration/development and other public uses and values over the 208,000 acres in the license area. We are very happy to be represented by Anchorage Attorney Peter Van Tuyn, who is experienced in state resource law. The appeal process may take a few months and will be costly. For that reason, we are approaching our members and friends for year-end donations to the Gas Legal Fund. For details on how to contribute to the Fund, read on…

Your donation to the DCC Gas Legal Fund is vital to our effort
DCC has established the Gas Legal Fund to pay legal expenses related to gas exploration and development authorized by the state under the Healy Basin Gas Exploration Best Interest Finding. Initially the Fund will be used to appeal the state’s decision in Alaska Superior Court, however in the future, funds may be used for other legal expenses.
For a detailed description of the Fund click
DCC Gas Legal Fund .

An anonymous donor has come forward to offer up to $10,000 to match donations
to the DCC Gas Legal Fund. The donor has pledged to match dollar-for-dollar donations of $500 or more up to the maximum of $10,000.

Your donation is very much needed to enable DCC to effectively address gas development in the Denali area. While smaller donations do not count towards the matching grant, they are very important nonetheless for reaching our ultimate fundraising goal, and as a sign of your support for this effort.   Please consider giving before the end of 2010. You may donate online using our website. Specify that the gift is for the Gas Legal Fund.
Click DCC Gas Legal Fund to read details about the Fund. 

Our resolve remains clear… secure a sustainable future for the Denali region – one that preserves sensitive lands, assures residential quality  of life, and allows responsible resource development.


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