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Denali Compendium Open for Comments until February 15th

A comment period is open for park-specific Compendiums throughout Alaska.  Permits will no longer be required for groups of less than 25 people that wish to assemble or distribute material related to First Amendment purposes.  Previously, groups were directed to specific locations, and were required to get a permit from the Park Superintendent.  Larger groups will still need to do so.  Changes to the compendium reflect recent legal changes.

A park compendium is a “written compilation of designations, closures, permit requirements and other restrictions adopted under the Superintendent’s discretionary authority.”  It is usually updated annually, but can be amended throughout the year if changes are necessary.  The last changes made to this document were in April 2010, when the park reacted to State Board of Game Regulations that would have allowed the use of artificial lights while hunting bears portions of the National Preserve. Other changes made to the Compendium in 2010 allowed visitors to carry firearms, reflecting changes to federal law.

To comment on Denali’s 2011 Compendium, email or visit the National Park Service Compendium webpage.


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