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Local meetings in Healy this week include Friends of Stampede & Climate Change Research

Friends of Stampede to meet Tuesday, Feb 22,  7 PM
Panguingue Creek Fire Hall

At this meeting, we’ll hear from Tom Paragi and Frank Keim, two Fairbanks residents who are experienced with Alaska State Park and Recreation Areas, and related conservation issues.  Tom was a member of the Northern Region Citizens Advisory Board for six years.  This is the board that is responsible for advising State Park and Recreation sites in the Fairbanks area.   They will be sharing their experiences with areas similar to the proposed Stampede State Recreation Area, and we hope to learn from their experience!   

Friends of Stampede is on the Web !!  (  For much more information on this group and the effort to establish the Stampede State Recreation Area, click on the link above.

You could be part of a Climate Change Research Project
Find out more: Tuesday, Feb 22, 6 -7 PM Tri-Valley School Cafeteria

A Climate Change Research Project is currently being developed through a partnership between the University of Alaska Anchorage and the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  It will specifically look at the potential health effects of climate change. Participating in this research will mean filling out a survey once a month, marking any changes you see related to climate change.

Keith Walters is a local contact person for this study in Healy and will participate in the study. As Walters stated in a recent email, “The research team would first like to ask your opinion regarding what you have seen in our area that might fall under the category of climate change.  We know our area of Alaska better than anyone and the researchers would like to hear our thoughts before they proceed.  In order to do that a meeting has been organized  in Healy on Tuesday, February 22nd from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the cafeteria at the Tri-valley school. Please come to this meeting and get some details on the study. If you know of others that may be interested please pass this message on as an invitation to attend the meeting!  Snacks will be provided!”



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