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Important Healy meeting of Middle Nenana Fish and Game AC- Monday Dec 5th

The Middle Nenana Fish and Game Advisory Committee will meet this Monday, December 5th, at the Tri-Valley School Cafeteria in Healy.  The meeting will begin at 6 PM, with public comments accepted.  Agenda Middle Nenana AC – Dec 5th

The Committee will consider and make recommendations on proposals for statewide regulations and for the Interior Region (Region III).  The proposals themselves will be up for consideration at the Interior Region Board of Game meeting in Fairbanks in March 2012. Particularly troubling to DCC members is a proposal (Proposal 213) that would open the Yanert Valley, now designated as non-motorized for hunting, to motorized hunting.  The proposal, forwarded by the Fairbanks Fish and Game Advisory Committee, is widely opposed in the local community.  If you are in the area this coming Monday, please attend the AC meeting and oppose this proposal.

Other troubling proposals (Proposal 227-232) would introduce intensive management, predator control and bear baiting activities into Unit 20c, which touches the northern boundary of Denali National Park and includes the Stampede townships. There is no data to support the scientific need for such activities and we feel they are being proposed (NOT by locals) to forward the “maximum yield” agenda of the current leadership at the Department of Fish and Game.

If you cannot attend the meeting, but would like to leave a comment, you may call or email Nan Eagleson, DCC Board members and Middle Nenana AC member, at, or 907-683-2822.


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