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State of Alaska Files Brief on Healy Basin Gas Exploration License

On December 30 the State of Alaska filed its brief responding to DCC’s appeal of the Healy Basin Gas Only Exploration License Best Interest Finding. The complete brief is attached. DCC is now working on its response to the State. You can find DCC’s opening brief and other background documents related to the gas exploration license on our Healy Basin Gas pages.

Brief of Appellee – Department of Natural Resources 12-30-11


2 thoughts on “State of Alaska Files Brief on Healy Basin Gas Exploration License

  • Diann Darnall

    Is Usibelli planning on doing Fracking for the gas?

  • Charlie

    At present, the State of Alaska has approved an exploration license for Usibelli Coal Mine to search for natural gas. In the Final Best Interest Finding, the State describes the process of gas development as potentially including hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) as one of the technologies utilized to help move gas to the surface. Until exploration determines what if any resource exists and development plans are made, we will not know for sure whether hydraulic fracturing will be used as part of this development. DCC is certain, however, that if coalbed methane development proceeds as it has in some other parts of the country that it will effectively industrialize the local landscape, introducing roads, pipelines, traffic, noise, lights, air pollution, water pollution, and toxic chemicals throughout the gas development area whether fracking also occurs or not. Fracking would just be one component of turning a beautiful landscape and small community – with critical wildlife habitat and great outdoor recreation – into an industrial zone.

    I encourage you and other readers to check out the Final Best Interest Finding on our page of documents related to Healy Basin Gas Exploration, at The Finding specifically addresses how fracking might be used with a paragraph on p.6-10, which is all the level of detail this document utilizes. Elsewhere it covers permitting and some specific mitigation related to fracking.

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