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Final Yukon Tanana Basin Area Plan Released

On October 1, the State of Alaska released an “Intent to Adopt” notice for the Yukon Tanana Basin Area Plan with a 30-day public review period ending at 5:00pm on November 2. Included in the release were summaries of comments and the responses made by the planning team at the Division of Mining, Land, and Water. You can read the state documents on the DNR website at this link:

Yukon Tanana Basin Area Plan

DCC is pleased that the final plan will designate the management unit including the western portion of the Yanert valley, Carlo Mountain, and Slime Creek with the primary purposes of Habitat and Public Recreation-Dispersed instead of General Use as originally proposed, although we would like to clarify that hunting is not the dominant use that the state response seems to indicate. We are also happy that the final plan will identify the proposed Stampede State Recreation Area as consistent with the management intent for the units of the Wolf Townships, although we are disappointed that the state did not seem to provide a path to re-designate some Settlement lands in the townships as Habitat/Recreation if they are not conveyed to the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority or Denali Borough. We are contemplating a response to the final, and would appreciate hearing from our members and website readers about your opinion.

Comments on the final should be sent to:

Philana Miles, YTAP, Land Use Planner
Alaska Department of Natural Resources
550 West 7th Ave. Suite 1050
Anchorage, Alaska 99501-3579



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