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DCC supports NPS wildlife regulations in Compendium

On January 15th, DCC submitted comments to the National Park Service supporting most of the proposed compendium revisions for Denali National Park. The Superintendent’s Compendium, revised yearly, is a written compilation of designations, closures, permit requirements and other restrictions that can be instituted under each superintendent’s discretionary authority. This year, the Denali Compendium banned several hunting practices that could be used in the Denali Preserves. These practices, recently adopted by the Alaska Board of Game, were deemed to be in opposition to the legislated purpose of the national parks, to wit, to preserve wildlife in its natural diversity.  We commented on a few other compendium provisions also, including restrictions on firearms, allowing areas for first amendement activities in the park and the Cantwell resident zone.  Read a full copy of our comments at the link below.

DCC 2013 Compendium Comments


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