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DCC asks for changes to Denali Park Road Winter Plowing proposal

park roadThree board members from DCC recently submitted comments on the NPS proposed action of plowing Mile 3 to Mile 12 of the park road, starting February 15th, in order to increase opportunities for motorized sightseeing during the winter season.  Normally the road opens to Mile 12, the Mountain Vista Rest Stop, by late March, and is on track to do so this spring.

Our comments pointed out that NPS had not analyzed thoroughly all the impacts of this action or how it could lead, incrementally, to resource damage.  We suggested some changes in the Preferred Alternative and advised NPS not to take any action until deficiencies in the EA are corrected.  We were especially concerned about impacts to wildlife and existing non-motorized users, including the park kennels. To read our detailed comment letter, click the link below.

Denali Winter Plowing EA- DCC Comments – March 2013


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