Middle Nenana Fish & Game Advisory Committee to Meet in McKinley Village

IMG_1637The Middle Nenana Fish and Game Advisory Committee will meet at the McKinley Community Center on December 4 at 6:30pm. Holding a meeting in the McKinley Village area is unusual, as the Advisory Committee typically meets at the northern end of the Borough. As such, this represents a great opportunity for residents in the southern end of the Borough to interact with the Committee. It is also important, because a major item of the agenda is a vote for a new McKinley Village representative since long-serving member Nan Eagleson is stepping down. Any resident of the area – which includes the area between Carlo Creek and Healy – is eligible to sit on the Committee, and any resident who attends the meeting is eligible to vote.

The Middle Nenana Fish and Game Advisory Committee serves a local voice in the setting of fish and game regulations. The Committee makes recommendations to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and also to the Board of Game and Board of Fisheries, on behalf of the residents of the area. There are similar advisory committees representing other regions throughout Alaska. Serving on this Advisory Committee is a great way to have a voice in management decisions.

If you have questions regarding the Advisory Committee or the responsibilities of Committee members, contact Nan Eagleson at 683-2822. You can follow the links below to the full meeting agenda and announcement.

Middle Nenana AC Meeting Announcement

Middle Nenana AC Agenda


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