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Jane Goodall’s Thoughts on the Wolves of Denali

NPS wolf photo
NPS Wolf Photo

Conservation and wolves is in the press again. In a recent opinion article in the Washington Post, Jane Goodall reflects on her trip last summer to Denali National Park and Preserve together with photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen.

“I went to Denali in August in search of wild wolves… It was my first trip to the national park, and I was especially looking forward to seeing the descendants of the pack that biologist Adolph Murie had come to know so well….It was a marvelous experience: Grizzly bears, moose, caribou, Dall sheep, a red fox and other wildlife provided a great show. But we did not see or hear a single wolf.”

In a slide show accompanied by Mangelsen’s photos, Goodall, a noted conservationist, revisits her experience in Denali and Yellowstone and shares what she fears for the future of wolves in these wild places. She laments the actions that state and federal agencies are taking, or in some cases are not taking, and the impact that it is having on wolf populations. She specifically addresses some of the same issues we covered in our Nov.-Dec. DCC Newsletter: protecting Denali’s wolves and the importance of wolf view-ability to visitors that come to this park.

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