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Read the DCC Board Election candidate statements

Two experienced DCC board members are running for re-election this spring. See their statements below. A vacant seat with no candidate also exists, and we welcome nominations for future appointments. DCC members will soon receive access codes enabling them to participate in our online election. The election will close on the afternoon of our Annual Meeting, Sunday May 18th, at the McKinley Community Center.


nancyNancy Bale

I arrived at the entrance to Denali National Park in August 1971, at a time when Denali National Park was still Mt. McKinley National Park. Soon after I arrived the Parks Highway was completed, connecting our sleepy community to the major urban centers of Alaska. Then, recognizing that pressure for access would increase, the National Park Service instituted the shuttle bus, a free service until 1994. Nine years after I arrived, ANILCA changed the park’s name to Denali and more than doubled it in size. My attachment to the Denali area remained strong throughout these changes, and I understood early the importance of strong advocacy for park values. Since joining the DCC Board in 1999, I’ve been able to put that advocacy to work. I am pleased with the role DCC plays in our community and I’m proud to be a candidate for DCC Board in 2014.


Erica WatsonErica Watson

This summer marks my 10 year Denali anniversary, which comes as both a surprise–like many, I never intended to stay put for so long–and an honor, as I feel privileged to call this place home. I’ve worked in and around the park in several capacities, and have spent the last several years focused on studying nonfiction writing through UAA.

I believe DCC’s role in our community extends beyond conservation advocacy into the realm of research, journalism, and providing a venue for meaningful discussion on the issues we face. I hope to continue serving DCC in developing and improving our outreach, communication, and visibility, and to examine how our values and connections to place fit into the larger picture of environmental advocacy work.

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