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An LNG Pipline Through Your Backyard?

flyerLNGpipelineMKLVILLAGEIs the new LNG pipeline going to go right through your backyard? Or is it going to disrupt travel on the highway while construction is done? Or will it traverse your favorite winter trail? Will it go through Denali National Park? Where in fact, will it go? How will it affect wildlife? Are there plans for studies to ensure the caribou migrations won’t be disrupted? How big will the pipeline and project be? Will it encourage gas development and fracking in the Denali Borough? In my backyard? Will the Borough get cheap LNG, or is all this gas destined for the overseas market? What happens if there is a leak in the pipeline?

These are all questions that we don’t have complete answers to. Fortunately, we just learned about an informational meeting to which the community is invited to attend. Thursday, May 15 from 7-9PM, the Alaska Liquified Natural Gas Project will be sharing information, listening to your comments and answering questions you might have at the McKinley Park Community Hall. Though it is last minute, we will try to be there. How about you? To download a PDF of the flier, click on the following link: flyerMKLVILLAGE.


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