Restore Denali Wolf Buffer – Sign our Petition

The above map, by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, depicts the Stampede Closed Area, more popularly known as the Denali Wolf Buffer. This area, established by the Board of Game in 2002, was allowed to sunset at the BoG meeting in 2010 in a close vote, 4-3. At that time the BoG also decided not to consider this issue again until 2016. However, we at DCC think the subject can be reconsidered at any time, by a simple majority vote

Sign our petition – Restore Denali Wolf Buffer

We at DCC think the environment is right for encouraging the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to restore the Stampede Closed area. This area of state lands (click on map to see a larger version), surrounded on three sides by Denali National Park, was closed to the taking of wolves by hunting or trapping from 2002 until 2010, when it was allowed to open during a difficult and controversial Board of Game meeting.

Given the high value habitat designation already applied to this area by the State of Alaska, its suitability even for inclusion in the National Park, and the relatively low wolf population in Denali National Park right now, there is good reason for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to restore the closure. Please help us show strong public support in that direction by signing our petition. Use the link above.