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Restore Denali Wolf Buffer – Sign our Petition

The above map, by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, depicts the Stampede Closed Area, more popularly known as the Denali Wolf Buffer. This area, established by the Board of Game in 2002, was allowed to sunset at the BoG meeting in 2010 in a close vote, 4-3. At that time the BoG also decided not to consider this issue again until 2016. However, we at DCC think the subject can be reconsidered at any time, by a simple majority vote

Sign our petition – Restore Denali Wolf Buffer

We at DCC think the environment is right for encouraging the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to restore the Stampede Closed area. This area of state lands (click on map to see a larger version), surrounded on three sides by Denali National Park, was closed to the taking of wolves by hunting or trapping from 2002 until 2010, when it was allowed to open during a difficult and controversial Board of Game meeting.

Given the high value habitat designation already applied to this area by the State of Alaska, its suitability even for inclusion in the National Park, and the relatively low wolf population in Denali National Park right now, there is good reason for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to restore the closure. Please help us show strong public support in that direction by signing our petition. Use the link above.



25 thoughts on “Restore Denali Wolf Buffer – Sign our Petition

  • Michael j Boyce

    Denali wolves are ” half-tame” by virtue of their frequent contact with people in the Park during the summer. Is it ethical to subject half-tame wolves to hunting? Also, a wolf that is seen by countless Park visitors in a summer is worth far more alive than dead, if we must speak in purely economic terms. Restore the buffer.

  • mike mcnulty

    Save Denali’s Wolves!

  • Holly cobbold

    Please protect the safe zone for the wolves!

  • Jeffrey DeWitt

    The wolves need us and we need these wolves.

  • Art Greenwalt

    It seems undeniably logical to include this section of land, surrounded almost as it is by the park, in a closed area. We may be able to read a map but the geopolitical boundaries mean nothing to the wildlife and they are paying the ultimate price for a totally unjustifiable decision made in 2010 by 4 people who have a real vendetta against wolves.

  • Thanks to everyone working to increase protection for this area. I lived and worked in Alaska for twenty years and saw much of that great state from one end to the other. The Stampede Area in question, I’ve visited, worked in, camped in and explored five times. Over the years I’ve seen a steady amount of encroachment by four-wheelers. They run the high ridges and disturb very fragile soils. Soils easily windblown which leave scoured areas subject to regular erosion from runoff. Also, there are numerous areas of wet, boggy ground that is really a mess with their trails. Horses, okay. Snowmobiles in winter, no problem. But summer use of four-wheelers is doing way too much damage.

    Alaska is a special place, and now is a good time to make choices that will insure it’s kept that way. Protect the wolf, protect the land. In the long run, we’ll all be better off. Sincerely, Murry A. Taylor

  • Twila Pritchett

    WE need this safe zone—-Please, protect it!

  • Maureen Hunt

    Every living creature has a God given right for it’s existence on this planet and serves it’s own purpose. Wolves included! Please – not screw up and let these magnificent creatures end up being extinct.

  • Susan Miller

    Do the right thing – save your wolves !!!

  • Pam Kistler

    Please restore the buffer, we’ve worked so hard for the wolves. They are a part of what is the natural beauty of Denali. As I understand it they are partially tame. What a travesty to kill innocent animals! At least with the buffer the wolves stand a chance. Please look within your soul and do what is right!

  • Rose Barden

    The world does NOT belong to the human species, it’s about You LEARNED THAT!

  • lisa wieler

    Please sign

  • Susan Wynn

    Please let common sense prevail in this matter. Save what’s left of the wolf population and stop this genocide!!

  • Debra Edgington

    Restore this buffer zone!

  • Deborah Lipman

    This is an outrage that must be stopped! Hunters picking off wolves at the park”s boundaries is horrific!

  • Jyl Forsyth

    Protect our wolves always!!!! Restore the wolf buffer. Please. And thank you!!!!



  • Eileen Crossman

    Leave the wolves alone!!

  • Marissa Ferraro

    Save these beautiful animals …restore the buffer

  • Alexandra Ballantine

    Last year a Chinese tourist visiting America said we “live in a garden” compared to his homeland. Our natural beauty depends on healthy ecosystems, and healthy ecosystems depend on their predator species. Let’s find space in our lives for them, and set a new standard for conflict resolution.

  • Lori Kalemkerian

    Keep the wolves in Denali. Wild creatures in wild places.

  • Deborah Naugher

    Please keep the Wolves safe,Please restore the Denali wolf buffer. Hunting and trapping should be out lawed, why does anyone want to kill this majestic animal!!

  • Audrey Elicerio

    The Denali packs need to be protected, not subjected to the b/s of one day humans being seen as a non threatening “neighbor” to coexist with peacefully, and the next being a dangerous predator!. They can’t shop at Freds and Safeway to feed their familes, and they don’t know about buffer zones!! I can’t urge you strongly enough to remember Gordon Haber, remember the wealth of his wolf wisdom and knowledge and restore the buffer zones he’d always supported!! I’d also like to refer to Michael Boyce’s comments, because he’s stated it far better than I ever could…

  • Diane Myers

    Stop all slaughter of the wolves.Give them protection.

  • John w kirk

    Please protect the safety zone

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