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DCC publishes four fact sheets on Gas Development

Largely through the efforts of DCC Gas Organizer Molly McKinley, DCC has published four fact sheets intended to help residents and property owners within the Healy Basin Gas Exploration License area understand what it happening and what they can do to protect their own interests. The first of these fact sheets is a general explanation of the process of coalbed methane extraction, which has been identified by the state as the most likely type of gas development to occur in the license area. Another sheet describes the differences and similarities between conventional and unconventional gas drilling. Also published is a fact sheet explaining how and why landowners and residents should obtain their water rights. The fourth sheet describes landowners’ rights and how to negotiate a surface use agreement.  Click the links below to view and save a copy of each sheet.

Coalbed Methane Facts and Map of License Area

Drilling for gas – conventional v. unconventional

Water Rights Fact Sheet

Attention Landowners


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