Comments on Military Training Areas due Friday March 4

The military will accept comments for two more days, through March 4th, on changes to ground and air training areas known as the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex (JPARC).   The proposals, a joint effort of multiple branches of the military, would affect airspace throughout Alaska and would increase ground operations in the Interior.  Specifics include extended nighttime training hours, including airspace above Denali National Park and Preserve in what is known as the Susitna MOA.  Expanded flight training areas and lowered flight ceilings (down to 500 feet above ground level) are proposed over the Denali Highway.  Expanded land use, including northern portions of the Denali Borough,  would include the use of live ordnance.  Comments made now are part of the early stages of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) development.  DCC’s comments, recommending no action on the alternatives proposed, align with a variety of local individuals and groups, including the Denali Borough Assembly and the Middle Nenana Fish and Game Advisory Committee.  More information and an online comment form can be found at the JPARC website.  Contact DCC Board Member Hannah Ragland for more information at hbragland@hotmail.com.  Read DCC’s comments by clicking on the link below. 

 JPARC Comments-DCC_Feb_18_2011


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