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DCC and NPCA support the FRAC Act – mandating disclosure of fracking chemicals

The FRAC Act, just re-introduced in Congress, would mandate disclosure of chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, and would repeal the 2005 exclusion of fracking from provisions of the Clean Water Act.  To read more about why the FRAC Act deserves YOUR support, visit the American Rivers site here.

Waters within Denali National Park could be affected by gas drilling in the Stampede Townships under a recently granted exploration license.  Because of potential threats in Denali and other parks, the National Parks Conservation Association recently sent Congress a letter of support for the FRAC Act.  To read the letter NPCA sent to Congress, click below.
NPCA Letter Supporting FRAC Act


2 thoughts on “DCC and NPCA support the FRAC Act – mandating disclosure of fracking chemicals

  • I watched the video, and it just left me feeling that “The True Cost” comment doesn’t match what I saw. I don’t think Fox did the most articulate job of responding, but it was obvious that the questioner didn’t really want to have a dialogue – he was there with an agenda. Nonetheless, I thought Fox’s response made sense and the characterization of the commenter doesn’t really apply. Besides, this whole issue of methane in well water has now been very well debated both within the Gasland give-and-take and separately. Yes, there is sometimes methane naturally occurring in groundwater. And yes, there is now overwhelming anecdotal information and even some peer-reviewed scientific information linking flammable water to fracking. See:

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