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May-June DCC News highlights Annual Meeting, Vehicle Management, Wolf Census, Redistricting, Trash pickup on Stampede Road

Our May-June 2011 Newsletter, now at press, provides an eclectic mix of articles.

A cover article on our recent Annual Meeting provides pictures and a recap of this popular event.

“A New Vehicle Management Plan for Denali – will it be better?” by Nancy Bale, provides some history behind the move to change how buses and other vehicles are allocated in Denali Park. The EIS for this plan is expected any day.

“Board of Game considers allowing motorized Hunting in the Yanert,”  by Anne Beaulaurier, reviews the recent proposal before the Alaska Board of Game to add a late season motorized hunt and details the local opposition.

“Gas Bullet Line Skirting Denali NP would be largest project on Continent,” by Cass Ray, discusses this mammoth effort that remains at the planning stages, for now.

Other interesting articles appear,  on the massive changes to the Denali area’s voting district, the Parks Highway interpretive plan, the Stampede Road Cleanup, and more.

For an online version of the newsletter, click the link below.
May-June 2011 DCC News


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