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DCC Submits Comments on EA for Horseshoe Lake Trail Improvements and Additions

NPS Photo
NPS Photo

We continue to work with Denali National Park and Preserve on a wide range of issues and recently submitted comments on the environmental assessment (EA) for trail improvements and additions to the Horseshoe Lake Trail.

We feel that wherever they are located, trails must allow visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in a natural setting with minimal distractions. Management to attain that goal in the entrance area of the park is challenging, but we believe it is vital to avoid diminution of park values.

Our comments centered around three topics: habitat, safety and visitor experience.

To see our comments, click the first link below. We’ll keep you updated on what the park decides to do.  Thanks to DCC Board member Nancy Bale for her well thought out comments.

Horseshoe Lake Comments – DCC Jan 2014-2

Go to to see the park’s plan.


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