DCC Comments on Board of Game’s 2013/2014 Proposed Regulation Changes

The Alaska Board of Game is the state’s regulatory authority that passes regulations to conserve and develop Alaska’s wildlife resources. Every two years, members of the public, organizations, advisory committees, and department staff can submit proposals for changes to existing regulations. Public comment, in combination with Advisory Committee comments and Alaska Department of Fish and Game (department) staff presentations, then provide the Board of Game with useful biological and socioeconomic data to form decisions.

Currently, the Alaska Board of Game considers regional proposals to change regulations on a two year cycle and statewide regulations on a four year cycle. This year the Interior Region (Region III) as well as some statewide regulation proposals were up for review. The Wildlife Committee of DCC board members recently met to discuss these proposed changes. After reviewing more than 100 proposals, on January 31st we submitted comments on many of those that might impact the Denali region. Our comments addressed the hunting seasons and bag limits for moose, the preservation of non-motorized hunting opportunities, the baiting of both black and grizzly bears, and a few other issues. Read our complete comments: DCC’s Comments on the Board of Games Proposed Changes to Regulations. More information on the Alaska Board of Game and the proposed regulations can be found at this website: http://www.adfg.alaska.gov/index.cfm?adfg=gameboard.main.



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