DCC Joins Lawsuit vs. NPS Wildlife Rule

August 26, 2020 DCC joined several organizations to file a complaint in federal District Court against the National Park Service and the Interior Department, for violating muliple laws when adopting a rule in 2019 that would open national preserces in Alaska to hunting practices not consistent with NPS management policies.

DCC Board Member Nancy Bale stated, in a press release, “Denali Citizens Council strongly supports the conservation values of the National Park Service and of Denali National Park and Preserve. We supported the NPS wildlife preserves rule signed in 2015 that prohibited certain hunting practices on the NPS preserves, while continuing to allow most state-regulated hunting and trapping in those areas. We are highly disappointed that NPS, our country’s premier habitat and wildlife conservation agency, waited less than five years to do a complete reversal of the well-defended 2015 rule. We are confident that this reversal will be found deficient and we
support Trustees for Alaska in pursuing that end.”

To read the full press release and a copy of the complaint, visit this link.


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